How To Be a REAL Man – Tips For The Modern Gentleman


Don’t be a nice guy. be a real gentleman
What is on your mind when you consider being a good guy?

Isn’t it your mother who tells you you’re a decent guy?

What do you think about it? “You’re such a wonderful man, but you’re not my type,” my high school crush said.

We’ve all been there or in a comparable position.

What should we do? How do we stop being the “good guy”?

Today, you’ll discover four methods to transform yourself from a “nice” person to a REAL man.

Table of Content:

  • A REAL Man?
  • Responsibility
  • Eclectic
  • Authentic
  • Love


You may be wondering what I mean by “real” man. The term R.E.A.L. stands for Responsible, Eclectic, Authentic, and Loving. This is what a real man looks like. This is something I aim towards every day. And so should you.

Let’s dissect each of those…

1. Responsibility

Everyone urges you to be responsible, but what does it entail? You have complete control over everything in your life.

It would help to take responsibility for your actions in all you do and say.

This encompasses both the positive and negative aspects. It would help if you were not afraid to admit a mistake.

For example, if you purchase a car outright, you have complete authority over it. You can alter the color, add a new radio, and adjust your seat. You can do whatever you want.

With this in your life, you can modify anything you don’t like about it. You will be in charge of your life.

The responsible man embodies the five characteristics listed below.


You may be permitted to get away with lying temporarily, but they will eventually discover the truth. They are telling the truth no matter what is part of being a real man. Don’t take the simple route. Speak the truth.


A man and I have both lacked compassion for a long time. You must accept individuals for who they are and recognize that we all grew up with prejudices. Identify and separate yourself from your biases. Be slow to pass judgment Since everyone comes from diverse backgrounds. They all deserve your kindness and respect.


Fairness is essential to counteract our prejudices. Humans enjoy categorizing and categorizing things. Could you not do this to them? By being unjust, you limit your outlook and are likely to miss out on numerous possibilities simply because you believe someone is something they are not.


It would help if you accepted responsibility for your positive and harmful acts. This means that you recognize and accept the consequences of your actions. It is so easy to blame people for your problems or to do the wrong thing; nevertheless, the responsible man does the right thing, and if he does not, he accepts it, apologizes, and strives to improve.


The responsible man takes the risk of doing the right thing. Succumbing to the “group think” mentality is too easy. Before you know it, you’re just going with the flow, unaware that your actions are wrong. Break the stereotype by standing up for what is right. Go against the grain and have the fortitude to do what is right.

2. Be Eclectic

The dictionary defines eclecticism as “getting ideas, style, or taste from various sources.” Don’t be boring.

It is pretty simple to get laser-focused on your career and learn and read about that. While this is vital to some extent, it is much more important to broaden one’s horizons and learn more about everything.

First and foremost, this will help you avoid burnout in your profession. You will burn out if you eat, sleep, live, and breathe your job for an extended period. It only takes time. Find a pastime or interest outside of work.

Secondly, being eclectic make you a much better conversationalist as well as just being more appealing. You won’t be as one-dimensional, and you’ll be able to connect with others more easily. People will want to talk to you as a result of this.

Experiment and get outside of your comfort zone. You will learn more about yourself and become a more well-rounded individual.

3. Be Authentic

how to be a real man never lie

Being authentic is a critical component of being a real man. Everyone will notice and trust you if you are genuine. Be sincere and truthful.

This entails stating the truth even when it is more convenient to lie. This entails being honest and not deceiving others for personal advantage. Those who deceive others may get a gift quickly, but it will come up with them and cause them to lose everything.

Don’t take the easy way out! This is much more vital if you’re ever in control of a group of peers. People will trust you if you communicate and share your opinions authentically since they have nothing to fear from you.

Be yourself; people frequently advise. I dare you to be your best self. Speak from the heart and with genuine concern for others.

4. Be Loving

how to be a real man love

Yeah, love is a terrifying word to men.

However, I must acknowledge that this may be the most challenging element to accept. It isn’t easy to love others in today’s world.

What precisely do I imply when I say “love others”? I don’t mean romantic love with everyone. I recommend providing them with unconditional love and gratitude.

Most of us males have been taught that love is a weakness. The “strong silent type” has become a standard among men. You believe that if you don’t let others in, they won’t be able to damage you. Let me tell you, they still can.

“Let me tell you something that you already know. The world is not all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a horrible and cruel place, and regardless of how strong you are, If you let it, it will knock you down and hold you there forever. Nobody, even you and me, will be hit as hard as life. But it’s not about how hard you hit. It pertains to how hard you can get hit while still moving forward. How much information can you process while still moving forward? That’s how you win!”

Rocky Balboa

So many individuals in our world now desire to love. They want it. We all crave it to some extent as humans, and you must have the strength to deliver that love.

This also applies to your male buddies. It has nothing to do with your sexuality. This has to do with you caring and appreciating a guy who has always had your back.

If you love, it doesn’t make you weak; instead, it makes you more robust than most. While most people are terrified to love, you are going out into the world knowing that you may be harmed but that the love you receive is equivalent to the love you give.


There you have it, kind man.

Now that you know what to accomplish, why not start reading up on men’s fashion to become more eclectic?

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