7 Surprising Style Mistakes Men Make By Accident


How comfortable are you in your skin? Most people associate body shame and physical anxieties with women. Nevertheless, according to a Chapman University survey, only 28% of men are extremely or very content with their appearance and weight.

Is it surprising that we see men like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Chris Hemsworth on TV or in the movies? They do not have the average masculine body, believe it or not!

Men who are dissatisfied or insecure strive to compensate with their clothing or presentation. They unintentionally make one of these seven stylistic blunders. I will explain how men fall into these traps and how you can avoid them, like Neo in The Matrix.

Let’s start with the most common error I see men make!

Not Using Fragrances to Their Maximum Potential

Style Mistakes Men Make include using a fragrance

What is the first style blunder that men make? It’s not having a strategy while applying scent, gentlemen.

Indeed, colognes are an excellent way to surround yourself with a lovely, fresh scent. But far too many guys misuse them.

The two most common errors that males make are:

  • Putting cologne into the air and stepping into the ‘cloud,’ missing most of it and making it last as long as possible.
  • Overcorrecting and spraying excessively in one location causes the aroma to become overpowering.

Check out my complete guide on how to apply cologne here: How to Apply Cologne Properly.

Bottom Button Buttoning

Style Mistakes Men Make include buttoning the bottom button

Logic dictates that if a suit jacket has two buttons, a waistcoat has five buttons, and a cardigan has four buttons, you should button them all.

This is different from the situation with menswear, where the lowest button is designed to be left undone.

Why? Its origins can be traced back to King Edward VII, a man with a ‘robust’ frame who couldn’t fit into a waistcoat or suit jacket. He left the lowest button undone because it didn’t fit nicely. As king, he significantly affected the time, and others followed his lead. This set a pattern for men’s clothing that is still used today.

Starting with the uppermost button on whichever jacket design you wear, here’s a checklist for suit buttons. Remember:

  • Three buttons? Occasionally, Always, and Never
  • Two buttons? Never, ever
  • Only one button? Always

The Fear of Dark Colors

Style Mistakes Men Make include avoiding dark colors

While lightening the atmosphere with lighter-coloured suits, jackets, or shirts is perfectly okay, there are numerous circumstances when dark colours are more appropriate. Black tie events and other formal occasions usually call for more conservative clothes, like a black tuxedo or a dark jacket.

If they have dandruff, some guys will avoid these events and dark colours at all costs because of how visible their struggle gets as the night go on, and the flakes fall. But you cannot ignore the slimming benefits of dark colours for the rest of your life!

Instead of avoiding the problem, confront it and treat it. Keeping your hair and scalp nourished and utilising a product free of dangerous chemicals is the best and quickest approach to get you back into wearing dark colours.

Not Discovering The Right Fit For You

make sure your clothes are fitted to your body shape

Whether you are overweight and seeking to cover your problem regions or skinny and attempting to disguise them beneath a mound of garments, it makes no difference. The truth is that hiding reality beneath ill-fitting garments draws attention to the problem.

When an overweight man wears baggy clothing, it just adds mass to his frame, making him appear more significant than he is. When a thin man tries to hide his body by wearing a dress that is too big for him, he makes it look like he can’t fill it out, making him look like a boy in men’s clothes.

Wearing proportional clothes that fit your shape, regardless of whether you believe you are overweight or underweight, is ideal for showcasing your best traits while masking your worst.

Purchasing “Goal” Clothes

Style Mistakes Men Make include buying clothes you can't fit into

You’ve set your weight reduction target, chosen your fitness plan, and purchased all of the supplies for the meal plan; you’re doing everything correctly…

Unless you go shopping for new clothes.

Many guys may purchase “goal jeans,” which are too tight at purchase but will fit appropriately after they achieve their target weight.

This, unfortunately, sets men up for failure. They may not reach their target weight, and their body shapes may change unanticipatedly as they lose weight.

When purchasing new apparel, always purchase what fits you perfectly. If you have to buy more later because you lose weight, that is money you are looking forward to spending as a reward for your efforts. If you wear “goal jeans” but never achieve your objective, that pair merely reminds you of what didn’t work for you.

You’re Copying the Wrong Style

don't copy other men exactly

Where does a man look when attempting to find his look, or is it unclear where to start discovering his sense of style? It’s only natural that kids look to celebrities, style icons, and influencers. Guys begin by mimicking the looks of superstars with similar body shapes, hairstyles, and overall appearances. A natural evolution occurs when a man learns what works for him and what does not.

Sometimes, a guy may grow fond of a look that isn’t his. Nothing is worse for a man’s style than trying to look like someone who is nothing like him and has an entirely different sense of style. Instead of a personal style unique to him and his personality that he can wear confidently, the man wears a costume.

Accept trial and error. No man’s style is perfect the first time; it’s a process of ongoing experimenting and improvement. Despite my years of experience, I am constantly attempting new things and researching new facets of men’s fashion.

Keeping Your Face Hidden

Style Mistakes Men Make include covering your face

There have been several attempts by males to conceal inadequacies with their faces. Two of his tricks are growing a beard to mask acne and wearing glasses to hide large bags beneath his eyes.

The truth is that skin disorders will spread to the hair that grows from it. Oily skin, which causes flakiness and acne, can generate an oily and flaky beard.

One way to solve a situation like this is to treat it and confront it. A good skincare routine that includes cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturiser is essential for keeping your face healthy.

There are so many guides to men’s style and health and so many insecurities that men encounter daily that it can be hard to keep track of everything when you’re just starting. Whether shopping for clothes or getting ready in the morning, ask yourself one question:

“Am I attempting to conceal a defect, or am I attempting to highlight my finest qualities?”

The former will frequently result in one of the styles mentioned above errors. The latter will keep you looking stylish and feeling fresh throughout the day.

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