5 Fashion Mistakes That Guys Should Never Make (No Exceptions)


Fashion has fewer restrictions than most people believe.

Men’s style ‘rules’ are usually only recommendations, subject to individual interpretation and alterations as needed. Today, though, we’ll discuss five fundamental rules that are unbreakable.

You can’t break them, you shouldn’t hurt them, and you’ll look like a moron if you do. Simple as that. Whether Shawn from the office or David Sheetrit, no man is trendy enough to pull off these simple fashion faux pas.

  • Putting On Suspenders And A Belt
  • Improper Socks and Pants Matching
  • Putting on Your Collar
  • Incorrectly Buttoning Your Suit
  • Mismatched Dress Shoes and Belt

Putting On Suspenders And A Belt

Suspenders keep your pants in place. Belts work the same way. As a result, you can use both.

Most significantly, you don’t want to wear both since it looks terrible and makes three sides of a square around your body.

Your entire image has just become a rectangle, making your body appear more prominent and thicker than it is.

Even if that is your goal, it is critical to recognize that wearing suspenders and a belt is always a no-no. People will notice, and they will judge you for it.

Improper Socks and Pants Matching

man in white socks

This is the most prevalent mistake made by well-meaning but stupid males. The intention to match socks to your shoes is firm, but it could be a better idea.

When it comes to socks, a man might dress in two ways:

  1. Subtle socks that match the color of his pants
  2. Socks with a strong personality

The alternative you select depends entirely on your overall style and sock-wearing situation. Some men favor the subtle look of grey/black socks with a suit, while others utilize socks to bring color into their ensembles.

My recommendation? Less is almost usually more.

A man should wear socks that closely match/complement his pants’ color to look ageless and attractive.

You want to be noted for your competence and professionalism when wearing a suit. That’s unlikely if folks around you start referring to you as “the guy with the incredibly bright socks.”

Putting on Your Collar

lawyer spread collar

Because they’re related, two faults have merged into one here, both terrible. The points of your shirt collar should always point downward, and the entire thing should be folded over evenly.

It’s not even worth considering wearing two collared shirts, one popped and one unpopped. One collared shirt at a time appropriately folded.

The second item to look out for is overlap with lapels if you’re wearing a jacket; the collar points should never protrude past the edge of the jacket lapel.

If your shirt collar protrudes past the edge of your jacket, you need a smaller collar or a broader V on the front of your coat.

Incorrectly Buttoning Your Suit

collars and co polo shirt

Buttons are a common error source because the regulations vary depending on the clothing.

Unless the jacket is double-breasted, it is never fully buttoned. Two-button jackets are usually buttoned at the top, while three-button jackets are buttoned at the center.

If you witness a flamboyant dresser experimenting with buttoning the lowest button and folding the jacket into a super-long lapel, you’ll notice that they seem strange. Could you not do it? Button your coat in the proper place.

Vests are typically worn with the bottom button undone. The tradition’s roots are a touch ridiculous (King Edward VII of England began leaving his open for comfort, and the aristocracy promptly followed the new “fashion”). Still, it’s been around long enough that not doing it makes you look uneducated.

If you’ve mastered the basic fashion guidelines for males and can confidently wear a waistcoat, you know enough to leave the bottom button undone.

Shirts have buttons on all sides. This comprises the cuffs, collar, and little buttons midway up the forearm in the case of button-downs (called the gauntlet or placket button). Undo both the cuff and gauntlet buttons if you roll up your sleeves.

Mismatched Dress Shoes and Belt

Dress shoes should always match your belt as a general rule. They don’t have to be the same leather, but no brown shoes with black straps or vice versa!

Bright or multi-colored belts are obviously out of the question for dressier combinations; in more casual ensembles, you should still look for pieces from the same color family or general brightness.

The more casual you get, the more adaptable it becomes, but blending black and brown is always a rookie mistake.

It is best to match your shoes and belt wherever possible. To some extent, sneakers are an exception; after all, sportswear comes in various hues that you might find hard to find in a leather belt.

When wearing boots casually, it’s always advisable to match your belt as closely as possible. Use a brown belt with your brown boots. If your shoes are grey, wear a black belt if you can’t find a grey belt.

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