5 Dress Shoe Guidelines for Jeans


Have you ever wondered whether wearing dress shoes with jeans is possible? That’s what I’m here to tell you.

Following a few simple rules is the secret to pulling off this look flawlessly. To be specific, there are five dress shoe and jean guidelines.

So, what exactly are these style guidelines?

  • Wear the proper jeans.
  • Choose the appropriate dress shoes.
  • Other elements must be balanced.
  • Use the appropriate combinations.
  • Understand the event

Wear the right type of jeans.

There are a zillion different sorts of jeans available. Not that many, but a lot.

While all jeans are informal, some styles are dressier than others. Choose the most formal option.

Distressed jeans, jeans with holes, and lighter-wash jeans are all ultra-casual and will NEVER look good with dress shoes.

Instead, choose denim that fits well at the waist and hips. Check the length of the jeans to ensure they are not excessively long and dragging.

Look for jeans with a more tapered fit at the bottom. Dress shoes will not look good with bootcut jeans.

Never choose a baggy fit over a thin or regular cut.

What about skinnies? They should be avoided. Thin jeans are far too constricting across the legs, and dress shoes will resemble clown shoes.

In terms of hue, you can’t go wrong with dark indigo or even black jeans.

Colored denim can be paired with black or dark brown dress shoes with appropriate fit and length.

The essential thing to look for is enough contrast between the shoes and the jeans so that they do not appear to match exactly.

Discover the Best Jeans and Dress Shoes.

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It’s not simply the jeans that contribute to the overall look of your outfit.

It is also critical to consider the dress shoes you select.

When choosing dress shoes, choose a pair that is more on the casual side.

Oxford shoes are perfect dress shoes but are on the more sophisticated end of the spectrum and will not work with jeans.

The Blucher, Derby, or loafer shoe style is a superior choice.

These shoes have a more informal vibe than Oxfords due to their shape, structure, and vamp placement.

Bluchers have an open-laced construction, whereas Oxfords have a closed-laced design. The vamp is sewn over the shoe rather than under, creating a slightly more prominent appearance.

Derby shoes, with their open-laced design, are similar to Bluchers. Two extended quarters are sewn together at the heel of the Derby. Two little leather bits are stitched to the vamp of the Blucher.

Despite their Norwegian origins, loafers are considered good summer shoes. These go perfectly with jeans. Wear black loafers with confidence because they are still regarded as casual.

Additional shoe options, such as monk straps, desert boots, chukkas, and slip-ons, will look great with jeans.

Balance out the rest of your clothing.

Even if you’re wearing jeans, the fact that you’ve picked formal shoes as your basis indicates that you need to elevate the entire outfit.

A T-shirt or sweater will not suffice. A well-fitted collared button-down or dress shirt completes the appearance.

Keep your accessories to a minimum.

If you are convinced you can pull off a hat, consider donning it with the formal shirt suggested above and a wool or woven necktie.

Every piece of your outfit should coordinate with your chosen dress shoe.

Tip: Dress shoes might make your feet look smaller if you’re a bigger guy. If you have a broader waistline, carefully combine formal shoes with jeans.

If you’re seeking flattering apparel for big stomachs, a superbly tailored sports jacket is a terrific solution. This can restore equilibrium to your outfit and keep you from seeming unbalanced.

Employ the Appropriate Combinations

You must consider your other leathers by including dress shoes in the mix.

The general rule is to match your leather, such as your watch strap.

But they do not have to match perfectly. The more you can get to them, the better.

You may simplify your life by nailing the most prominent piece of leather that most men wear aside from their shoes: the belt. Anson, for example, sells interchangeable micro-adjustable holeless straps made of superior full-grain leather. Even a few interchangeable buckles and belts can add up to many alternatives for any occasion.

Brown shoes with a cordovan belt, for example, would not work. The reddish tint of the cordovan would be too strong of a contrast. You might, however, get away with matching the shoes to a chocolate leather belt (even though chocolate is lighter).

How about suede?

Despite being leather, the rough texture of suede allows for more excellent wriggle room. You might pair suede dress shoes with a leather belt to create more excellent contrast.

Is it acceptable to wear black dress shoes with jeans?

Black is considered to be an inherently formal hue. Even so, it is possible if the leather does not shine. This aesthetic would benefit from broguing or other decorations.

Understand the Situation

With this appearance, you must decide if it is official or informal.

They are appropriate for most business-casual occasions. The outfit can be improved with a sports jacket to take it to the next level.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that jeans are considered casual. This outfit is not appropriate for any formal or black-tie event. Never go to a wedding with dress shoes and jeans. Despite its appearance, it is not a suit.

Is it acceptable to wear dress shoes with jeans? Summary

You can do so. Yet there are a few things to consider…

The entire outfit must match the quality of the shoes. Your jeans cannot be raggedy or torn; they must be well-fitted and clean.

Your shoes must be appropriately dressy for the event. That means no Oxfords. Finally, you must coordinate your leathers.

Follow these principles, gentlemen, and you’ll look great.

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