10 Important Everyday Habits For Men


Women. They’re incredible and a lot of fun to be around. Unfortunately, they can also be challenging to attract. Have you ever watched the film Hitch? If not, it’s well worth a look. Will Smith tells a nerd how to win the heart of a beautiful socialite.
It teaches every man a valuable lesson: all you need to do to pique a woman’s attention is perfect that first impression. Women assess you as soon as they observe you, checking off good and bad boxes on their mental checklists. How can you make an excellent first impression? To make men more attractive, work on these ten everyday behaviors.

Give Individuals a Feeling of Value

habit of making other people feel important

Here’s the deal. Men who appear to be well-known by their peers impress people.

These are the types of men who enter a bar or a coffee shop and are immediately recognized by the employees. Men who have developed genuine ties and know their names. That is excellent and refreshing, particularly in this day and age of cell phones and social media.
You want to be the man who prioritizes in-person interactions over his Twitter or Facebook feed. Why? Because it makes others feel more significant, as though you are more than just someone with his private circle. If women notice you getting this kind of attention in public, they’ll take it as confirmation that you’re a great person. And who wouldn’t want a first impression like that?

Prepare Your Food

habit of cooking your own meal makes you more healthy

Everyone wishes to be healthy. But, the terrible reality is that health cannot be purchased over the counter. You must earn that healthy body by eating correctly. These are some general recommendations to follow:

Choose a diet that works for you and your lifestyle (rather than one that works for everyone else).

  • Constantly keep track of and pay attention to what goes into your stomach. Determine which foods help or hinder your health goals.
  • Eat nothing that comes through your automobile window (you know what I mean).
  • Prepare your food.
  • Shop in the supermarket’s outside aisles.
  • Always read the labels. Don’t eat anything with an ingredient you can’t pronounce.
  • Consume sweets in modest, controlled portions.
  • Consume plenty of water. When given the option, choose water over iced tea or soda.

Brush Your Teeth After Each Meal

habit of brushing teeth makes you more attractive

Your teeth are a valuable asset that is often overlooked. Make them your top priority. This includes brushing after meals (or, at the very least, flossing during lunch breaks), brushing in circular strokes, and using mouthwash. Do you brush unevenly or sluggishly? You can purchase an electric toothbrush. The term “addiction” refers to being addicted to something.

Seeing your dentist becomes increasingly vital as you age, even if it is not a daily routine. AT LEAST once every six months. It is used not only for cleaning and polishing but also to check the sealants on your teeth. (If you still need to install sealants, now is the time.) Stay caught up in the costs of these dental procedures. The money spent is more than worth it to have a beautiful smile every day.

Work out for at least 30 minutes.

Man Gym Exercise Workout

I need to familiarize myself with your morning routine. From personal experience, getting 30 minutes to an hour of exercise in the morning has a significant benefit. It goes hand in hand with good eating. The endorphins released will benefit the rest of your day if you spend the morning being active outside. You’ll be more attentive and energized, with a better attitude towards work and everything else. Frequent exercise improves your appearance and makes you feel more attractive.

Sleep for 7-8 hours every night.

habit of good sleep helps you look more attractive

Whoever said “sleep is for the weak” evidently hasn’t studied the human body. It’s a piece of machinery. It requires periodic recharging. Every night, try to obtain 7-8 hours of sleep. Have a consistent bedtime routine. Our bodies prefer to establish a pattern of rest and activity times. Plenty of rest keeps you from being stressed. Instead of puffy eyes, weariness, or anxiety, you’ll spend your days relaxed and optimistic. Then your aura and body language will improve wherever you go. And women prefer relaxed men over agitated men.

Make Eye Contact


This one can be difficult. While it is impolite not to stare someone in the eyes (particularly during conversations), doing so too frequently or for too long may give the impression that you are a maniac. Determine how much eye contact is appropriate for you. A lot depends on your circumstances and culture. Generally, men initiate eye contact in romantic situations, whereas women prefer to use their peripheral vision more when looking at a guy. Attractive women don’t make as much eye contact as they do.

If you stare at a woman’s eyes for too long, she may feel uneasy around you. Look for the following signs:

  • When you make eye contact, does she swiftly glance away?
  • Does she look you in the eyes briefly before turning her head?
  • Does she truly smile when she looks you in the eyes?

Keep an eye out for these and other indicators. While making eye contact with women, learn what to do. Master this ability and reply appropriately.

Dress in Shoulder-Building Clothing

According to studies, men become 12% more attractive when they wear shirts with a characteristic T-shape. Why? They provide the appearance of a larger chest and well-built shoulders.

Add tailored blazers, sports coats, and casual button-downs with chest pockets to your casual wardrobe. The first time a woman sees you, appear as built and masculine as your clothes allow. You can deal with the gym afterward.

Be Yourself.

You are nothing but yourself. Why imitate others to the point where you lose sight of who you are? You are more attractive in the long term because of your uniqueness. As the adage goes, be yourself when you’re around women. Playing games as if you’re poised to score only works for guys on TV. You must be comfortable with yourself, or no one else will be. You’ll know if a woman likes you without having to fake or force anything. Avoid the need to appear desperate and clingy. Relationships require time to mature.

Be in the Present Now

Have you watched the film Dead Poets Society? I like that movie because of Robin Williams’ “carpe diem” message – seize the day.

Today is a blessing. Close the door on your past, including exes and failed relationships. Look ahead, but never regard the Present as though you’re “going through the motions.” Accept and allow it to give you the courage to smile and greet people everywhere. As a result, women will be more drawn to you.

Go Above and Beyond

man and woman enjoying life and look attractive

Hard facts or algorithms don’t determine attractiveness. Please consider the following things. Physical attraction may entice others, but your actions and intentions ultimately keep or drive others away. That is why it is far better to give than to take. You can have the average appearance, but many women will admire you if you’re caring and generous. Such ladies aren’t interested in your Instagram followers or your career. They’ll want to be around you just because you’re a nice guy. And those are the ladies worth impressing.


Thanks to these behaviors, you should be able to overcome any self-doubt or uncertainty. Please promise to work on them. Remember to wake up every morning believing it is another day to seize by becoming your best self. Being attractive will soon become second nature.

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