10 First Things Women Notice About A Man


Most men believe that women are only interested in men with the looks of Brad Pitt, biceps the size of Texas, and more money than Jeff Bezos.

But this is not the case. Women will notice you if you nail that first impression when you walk into a room. In this article, I’ll start with the ten things a woman notices about a man. Take note because getting to know a woman will be infinitely easier after you’ve read this article.

Women Take Notice of Your Face

a man's face which is one of the things women notice first

There will be no debates here. If you keep your face in good shape, it means you’re taking good care of yourself. Do you require a beautiful face? Nope! Not everyone is born with a Hollywood movie star appearance. If only women wanted it, there would be a vast surplus of single males on the earth!

What you truly require are good grooming habits. You want to show the ladies off your well-kept facial hair (whether it’s short stubble or a full-grown beard). If you prefer a clean-shaven appearance, ensure no post-shave lumps or red streaks on your face.

Then there’s the matter of the skin itself. Some men believe they are ‘too macho’ for skin care. Many wait for an acne breakout or a pain problem before seeking therapy. The truth is that it is every man’s responsibility to find the suitable lotion, cleanser, or anti-ageing cream to keep his skin healthy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Women Take Notice of Your Smile

a man smiling and that's one of the things women notice first

The most important part of your face is so important that it deserves discussion. A captivating smile is a “welcome” sign that you’re waving from afar in the direction of a woman.

You have a winning combination when you combine that smile with seductive eye contact and a confident posture. You’re on your way to impressing a lady.


If your teeth are visibly dirty, your smile can be a hindrance. Worse yet, it discoloured! That is why you should be wary of the following:

  • Stains caused by excessive coffee, tea, or wine consumption (see your dentist every 3-4 months).
  • Smoking stains (as if there weren’t enough reasons to quit smoking).
  • Too much fluoride from toothpaste or environmental sources (such as water) can darken teeth.
  • Teeth as they age – the outer layer of enamel wears away over time, exposing the natural yellow colour (of the inner layer of dentin). When you’re older, consider using some teeth-whitening products at home.

Women Take Note of Your Silhouette

The term silhouette here refers to the contour of your body and apparel. Unsurprisingly, women are drawn to a hyper-masculine silhouette:

  • A chest that has been bulked up.
  • Lean your torso.
  • Strong shoulders.

What is the most straightforward approach for those without Adonis’ figure to achieve this look? A blazer or suit jacket. There are many different suit jackets, and you must choose the correct one for your body shape. The sack-cut suit is trendy in America since it is inexpensive to create and fits most men. But, it is not fit that will make you look your finest. A structured jacket gives the wearer’s shoulders slight cushioning, making them appear more comprehensive. A fitting jacket tapers towards the middle, giving the wearer the illusion of a slimmer torso.

In your search for a flattering jacket, avoid a too-tight fit. A jacket should drape lightly over your shirt and body. You have gone too far if a jacket develops an X-shaped crease when buttoned. The same idea applies when combining trousers with your jacket. Avoid narrow trousers and jeans — they generate an unappealing ‘matchstick’ appearance that implies a lack of muscle. Switch them for slim-fit or softly tapering cuts that create a powerful but sleek appearance.

Women Notice Your Style

We are taught growing up never to judge a book by its cover. The truth is, though, women (and males, for that matter) make judgements and assumptions depending on what you wear.

Remember to underestimate the power of nailing the three essential components of dressing well.

  • Fit. 
  • Fabric. 
  • Function.

Examine what your clothes say about your status, lifestyle and attitude. Make an effort to wear clothes that offer positive messages like maturity, sophistication and passion.

Women seeking a long-term relationship are attracted to guys who can be decent providers – so learning how to dress like a grown man helps if you’re trying to settle down.

Women Pay Attention To Details

brogued boots is an example of the things women notice first

Brogued boots are an example of the first thing women notice. Choosing brogues demonstrates your attention to detail, as evidenced by their small decorative punched holes. Sure. A well-fitted blazer and slacks may initially impress. However, if those are the only elements you work on, you will get tiny. Any man who understands the fundamentals of men’s fashion can find suitable shirts, jackets, and pants. To truly stand out and ‘wow’ a woman, you must pay attention to the details:

  • Consider this list of the most appealing men’s hairstyles.
  • Choose the best sunglasses or eyeglasses for your face shape.
  • Watches/Jewelry – Learn how to match a watch to your clothing while shopping for one.
  • Learn how to identify high-quality men’s leather shoes.

Women Take Note of Your Mannerisms

your mannerisms is one of the things women notice first

One of the first things women notice about you is your demeanour. Consider yourself a Bachelorette contestant. On Day 1, you and the other guys climb out of the limo. Your bachelorette is standing outside the mansion’s front door. You’re all on an equal playing field regarding appearance, so what can you do to stand out?

You nailed the greeting. This minor act establishes the tone for everything that follows.

  • Give a solid handshake.
  • Establish firm eye contact.
  • Smile!

Make it clear to a woman that you are giving her your full attention.

Please take a few moments to recognise her presence. Make her believe you’re serious about courting her. So, you’re not a reality show contestant. However, the same principle applies in real life: if you greet a woman poorly or have bad manners, you’ve already dug yourself a hole. To you, disregarding others’ feelings or basic courtesy may seem insignificant. Conversely, women quickly pick up on these cues and assume you’re a loose cannon.

What are some examples of impolite behaviour?

  • Ignore your phone and other distractions. Put your phone in your pocket.
  • Arrive on time. Trying to arrive on time is a sure way to be late.
  • Keep the cursing and foul language to a minimum.
  • Avoid interrupting all the time. Don’t cut a woman off in the middle of a sentence.
  • Online dating with a woman? Don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say in public.

Women Notice Your Hands

a man's hand which is one of the things women notice first

What good is a handshake if your hands look like they’ve been rummaging through trash? Before attending an event, always wash your hands and care for your nails. Even better, incorporate it into your daily routine.

Otherwise, you risk coming across as careless, unsanitary, or even ‘poorly raised’ (making your parents look bad).

Let’s remember dry, cracked hands! Is it necessary to use hand lotion? Your body’s natural oil typically keeps your skin supple. If your hands lack natural oil, I strongly advise using a hand lotion or cream regularly. No woman wants her man to have calluses on his hands.

Women Take Notice of Your Fragrance

You can excel in every other category on this list, but none of them will matter if a woman doesn’t like the way you smell.

Most men settle for a deodorant to keep their odour ‘neutral…’ But why not take it a step further and make it smell fantastic?

It is not a mystery. According to studies, smelling good and wearing cologne makes you more appealing to women.

Make it a habit to wear a fragrance regularly.

Women Take Notice of Your Voice and Language

Yep. Women are concerned about what they will hear from you. You can’t just throw money at the problem this time. Even the most expensive jacket and perfume will not make you a smooth talker.

So, what are you going to do?

It’s all about self-improvement. Increase your vocabulary and knowledge. Distinguish yourself from the guys who always talk like they’re at a football game. The following step is to read high-quality books. Discover the ten books that every man should own by clicking here. Find books that delve deeply into enriching topics (rather than simply entertaining you) and will help you grow.

You want to demonstrate to women that you are relatable and that there is no ‘intellectual barrier’ between the two of you. When she brings up a topic, how enthusiastic you sound and whether you say “No” or “I’ve heard of that” all play a role.

Once you know what you’re talking about, learn how to speak engagingly. Some people find it easier than others, but there are techniques you can learn. Use your voice to catch a woman’s attention and make her want to hear you.

Who can say? With a bit of rhythm and diaphragmatic use, you could end up with a deep and booming voice like Neil deGrasse Tyson. That will pique the interest of a few ladies!

Women Notice Your Body Language

As enjoyable as speaking knowledgeably and engagingly, remember what your nonverbal communication is saying. Body language, like your voice, can be more potent than the clothes you wear.

Avoid any closed-off, harmful, or aggressive gestures that could surprise a lady. Even a subtle finger wag or angled neck can make the wrong first impression, especially if a woman is getting to know you. Remind yourself to keep your arms open from time to time.

Understand how men can constantly use body language to signal positivity and openness. It will take some practice and conscious effort at first, but before long, you’ll use positive body language without realising it.

TIP: Avoid clenching your fists in front of a woman (as if you’re about to punch her!) Why make yourself more intimidating when you’re probably more substantial than she is?

BONUS: Women Notice Your Personality/Attitude

Take note of the following important points about attitude:

  • Unfortunately, some men are perceived as “douchebags” by women, often due to macho male behaviour. When you were a frat bro, one-upping people, wrecking someone’s home you’d been invited to, and taking your shirt off at every opportunity might have been astounding. Grown-up women, on the other hand, want a grown-up man. This attitude sends a negative message regardless of how nice you are in conversation.
  • What you find amusing reveals a lot about your overall attitude to women. You may not consider what your sense of humour says about you. Still, there are advantages to using ‘positive’ humour (using optimism, puns, or wittiness) instead of ‘negative’ humour (being sarcastic or self-disparaging).
  • To begin a serious relationship, be a “nice guy”! Some women may want a fling with a bad boy, but that will be it. You should be polite and mature if you’re looking for your soulmate.
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